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Royal Family KIDS Camp is a five-day, four-night camp designed for children ages 7-11, who have suffered relational trauma, abuse, neglect, abandonment, or are in out-of-home care. Royal Family KIDS Camp fosters resiliency, self-esteem, hope and positive memories. The camp curriculum and activities are woven through the modality of Trust-Based Relational Intervention to ensure our children are experiencing truly life giving activities throughout the 5-day experience.

Royal Family KIDS Camp Hartland, Chapter #284, started in 2013 by Scott and Julie Holzli. It is sponsored locally by Oakwood Church in Hartland, WI. It is staffed by volunteers who are screened and trained to work with kids at risk. The cost of camp is covered by businesses and individuals who care about children. This is a program under For The Children.

At camp, every child is paired with another camper, and carefully matched with an adult counselor. A strict rule of 2 adults always in eyesight ensures each child is in safe hands.

The encouraging attention of caring adults, positive family role modeling, building friendships with other children like them, and the beauty of playing in the great outdoors, all result in a host of wholesome, positive memories and enhanced self-esteem.

Our Mission
To mobilize the local Church to create life-changing moments for children who have experienced relational trauma.

“Her behaviors are not easily managed and she is not a fit for traditional camp.  The consistency of camp right before a new school year really helps her transition.” – Caregiver

“Attending Royal Family KIDS Camp was an incredible experience for my foster children. The wealth of knowledge and love will last a lifetime.” – Caregiver

“It is amazing to be able to send her to a Christ-centered camp that she will be loved on, cared for and encouraged as she experiences all the fun things of camp amongst kids she can relate to on many different levels.” – Caregiver

“Thank you for this camp! These memories will always be with him. I’ve never seen so much happiness in him. I appreciate it a lot.” – Caregiver

Ways to Sponsor:

  • Birthday Party for all campers, includes one birthday gift per camper ($500)
  • Cabin ($650/month)
  • Camper ($80/month)
  • Horseback Riding ($25/month)
  • Memory Bag w/mp3 player and personalized photo memory book of their week @ Camp ($100/camper)